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I am so happy that last year is done. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t a horrible year, but something about the new year always gives me hope for a new, fresh start. The last few months of last year were probably some of my most unproductive ones (regarding my books). I had a bazillion projects – completely unrelated to writing/illustrating – that were in the works and had to be finished. So on to the new year and my probably overly high hopes of much productivity on my books! Continue reading “Progress…Finally”


Merry Christmas!

I hope you all have a very merry and extra blessed Christmas! Happy New Year as well!1223170138_Burst01

Christmas Promotion!

Go get some great books!

Lurking In The Shadows

Christmas Promo 1

Here is the obligatory Christmas Promotion.  My books are 0.99 cents for ebooks and the print copies are the minimum per Amazon, rounded up – so $10 for all expect The Ancients, which is $12.

Teenage Fantasy/Science Fiction/Horror, with a sense of punny humor.

Merry Christmas!


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I decided to make my Imagia books free for the next five days. Which, of course, is a huge drop from my originally astronomical price of .99 cents. Why free? Maybe it’s because of my recent birthday this past week and I’m feeling generous. Maybe it’s because of Christmas and I want to share freely. Or maybe…

…because why not?

The Gateway to Imagia: The Tale of Sam Little

The Gateway to Imagia: The Gathering

Price Drop


This weekend I went and did what I told myself (stubbornly of course) that I would never do. I dropped the price of my books. I decided that having not sold a book in at least two years, perhaps it was time to see what a drop would do. Like any author, I was constantly convincing myself that my books were worth at least something to me as far as getting a profit (however small that might be). When you sign up to sell via Createspace or KDP, you have to choose your royalty level before you put a price on it. Here is an easy breakdown for you. Continue reading “Price Drop”

To Facebook or Not to Facebook

One of the questions that I’ve come to ponder is the worth of social media to an indie author. I am a member of a page on Facebook that has many self-published writers in the group. As a result, I’ve liked/followed many other fellow indies. The majority of their pages are actually updated quite frequently and they promote…promote…promote!

I? Yes. Well…I suck at that. Promoting is the one thing I can’t seem to do. Whether or not it’s because I don’t care, don’t think my stuff is worth it, or because I don’t think it will help, is a moot point. As much as I’d love to get out there and say, ‘buy my books’, I just don’t do it. But, I do have a Facebook author page. It has 159 likes and has had that many for two years. I get zero likes on most posts and have never had a share to date. Heck, my own family doesn’t share my stuff and they make up about 75% of the page likes.

So my question is: Is Facebook worth it? Or better yet, is social media worth it? My conclusion is…


Maybe to some it’s awesome and totally worth it. To me, I have to say it’s not. I’ve actually been toying around with the idea of deleting the page so it doesn’t stare at me regularly and mock me for my lack of posting. (Seriously…Facebook notifies you when you don’t post often.) I have a friend who runs a page for her art and her followers love her and she gets a ton of likes with each post. (Her numbers are in the thousands range.) I say if you’re good at it and it is fulfilling to you, then Facebook, Instagram, Tweet, or blog away!

How has social media helped you? Oh wait…no one will answer because I have no followers. See what I mean? Ha! (That doesn’t stop me from asking though…because who knows?)

The Struggle Is Real

Why, oh why do I only seem to do my writing from the comfort of my front seat when I’m driving to go grocery shopping? Now…don’t think for a minute that I’m writing and driving. I’m just thinking about writing and driving. I get entire scenes flashing through my stubborn skull when I get in my car and they are always fantabulous! But then, by the time I get home, unload my groceries, and sit down to put the words on real paper…*POOF!*…gone. Crickets. Nada. Continue reading “The Struggle Is Real”

A Little Something I’m Working On

So far, I have two children’s books published. I’ve sold zero online, but I still continue to write them regardless. I have no idea why I torture myself. I have high hopes for this next one though. It’s a book about fire safety learned through the eyes of a little dragon named Oliver. I’m hoping to use it to raise money for volunteer fire departments. It’s ridiculous because I have no idea how I’ll get there. Dream big, I always say. I’ve had all the panels sketched since this summer and finally bought the colors of pencils I was needing to get coloring on them. I finished my first panel recently and two more since. Only 30 to go…


Backwards Writing

If you have read anything I’ve written on this blog then you probably know by now that I started out attacking writing like Legolas attacking oliphants. It was go big or go home. I’ve talked to several writers and many of them started out tiny. They got the writing spark young and started out writing short stories or smaller books that weren’t heavy enough to use as a weapon. I started out writing the big stuff and now…several years later…I’ve discovered a little thing called short stories. Continue reading “Backwards Writing”

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