There’s a new disease going around amongst the writing community. Well, actually I think it’s been going around for years, but it’s becoming more prevalent as of late due to the constant uptick in social media and the pressure of the interwebs. Lately, I’ve noticed it’s getting worse. I don’t want to freak anyone out with the word “pandemic” but…ya know…you didn’t hear that from me.

From the moment we set out as indie authors to publish our precious babies and let them fly into the real world, we begin the slow decent into doubt. Will I make it? Will anyone read it? What if I suck? What if I get a one-star review? What if I…*gasp!*…fail? These are the common early symptoms of the disease among indies known as Indie-quit-atitus. The second stage symptoms only get worse. It’s disappointment. I know, I know. I shouldn’t use dirty words like that but I’m only trying to keep it real. Common symptoms are sadness, a sense of worthless use of time, wondering why you never make a sale, and blogging.

Third stage is critical in Indie-quit-atitus. You utter words like, “What’s the point?” or “Is it even worth the trouble anymore?” or even, “I’m not sure I want to write anymore.” This is a bad sign. And from what I’ve noticed, if you hit this stage, there’s an 87% chance you will not get better. The Little Writer in your brain is basically getting into his/her escape pod and holding their finger on the eject button. Stage four…the final stage…is what is called the death of the indie writer. The Little Writer hit the eject button and said Indie writer gives up 100%…never to return…disappearing into the abyss of the interweb…never to be heard from again.

All joking aside, this is something I really am seeing more and more of in the indie-writer community. I’ve watched great writers go through all of these stages and then eventually they give up. Why? Because of self-inflicted expectations that we set for ourselves that we simply can’t fulfill. It’s sad. As far as I know, I am down to one lone reader of this blog. Do I want to give up? Am I at the critical stage three? I hope not. But I’m wondering…

…will every indie eventually catch a fatal case of Indie-quit-atitus? Or…

…is there still hope for us all?