My brain is overbooked. I have so many projects inside waiting to get started or finished that it’s almost overwhelming. I’m sure many writers or artists get this way at some point or another. So how does one choose?

I have to choose based on what I feel I can finish fastest. And right now, that’s a children’s book. Oddly enough, all those detailed little drawings that I have to create for each and every page of the book take me way less time than concocting a great story from scratch. I can’t help but wonder if this is the case for all writer-illustrators. I have a total of thirty illustrations that need to be done for the children’s book. I’m exactly (insert celebratory horns blaring here) 1/3 of the way done with the illustrations! I have a totally unrealistic goal of finishing five illustrations a week pushing for a summer release date. I fully expect to disappoint myself in a way that damages my ego. Bring. It. On.

How did I calculate this? Simple math, my dear Watson! I can finish one illustration after three episodes of Smallville. (Man, I love the Man of Steel! Or in this case, the teenager of steel. Potato PoTahToe!) If I watch fifteen episodes a week, then I can do five drawings a week. How do I have time for so many episodes, you ask? I’m a big, bad night owl. I suffer through it in the mornings when my small clan of children wake me up early.

So do you expect too much from yourself too? Like for example, blogging for the sake of followers you don’t have? (That’s what I’m doing, in case you were curious.)