It’s been a while since I actually got over to this blog to write anything. Christmas break with several children to entertain kept me from having very much (if any) time to myself. Then the New Year hit and the temperature dropped to a level so low that my brain was forced into hibernation. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.

I haven’t written so much as a word on this ol’ laptop that I finally dusted off (literally…so much dust) in longer than I should admit to. I have things to write, I just have had no will or want to do so. Yesterday our tv decided it no longer wanted to work and so I have no more excuses. Lately, I’ve been concentrating on illustrating my children’s book while watching my favorite shows of the past (Smallville, Dr. Quinn and Emergency! are the latest obsessions). No tv means no illustrating. Can I illustrate without tv? Yep. Sure I can! But for some reason it’s just easier with it.

So finally I sit down to write and guess who can’t find words (again)? Yep. Me.

I have been pushing my brain to find a way to get the third book in my Imagia series written because I promised myself I’d release it without a three year gap in between like the last time.  I don’t know about any other writers out there, but I am constantly making myself feel just terrible that I don’t write every spare second I have. It’s almost like peer pressure from myself, as absurd as that is. That’s when I had a serious conversation with the Little Writer that lives in my brain. It went something like this:

Me: Ahem. Little Writer?
Little Writer: Yes? I’m here.
Me: Hey…uh…how’s it going?
Little Writer: Fantastic! I’m ready to write that next book!
Me: Uh…yeah. About that…
Little Writer: Is there a problem? *worried look*
Me: No no! No problem! It’s just that…well…I was thinking. Why do you want us to finish the next book so fast? What’s the big deal anyways?
Little Writer: *looking relieved but slightly confused* Well that’s a silly question. Because we have to!
Me: That’s not a reason.
Little Writer: *silence* Well…because of our readers and fans!
Me: That’s like what? Three people unless you include our over zealous aunts who swear we are the next J.K. Rowlings. Right?
Little Writer: Er…yeah. I guess so. But…but…they will be so angry if we don’t write quickly!
Me: Silly Little Writer. No they won’t. They are patient and like what you write so shouldn’t we take our time and write when it comes naturally instead of forcing it. No one is going to die if there is a three year gap again. The world isn’t going to give up and fall into peril if we take our time.
Little Writer: *silence* *droops head* I guess so…but…
Me: Little Writer?
Little Writer: *looks away sadly*
Me: Aww…Don’t be upset, Little Writer. We’ll finish. Just…ya know….not today.
Little Writer: *looks up sheepishly* Really?
Me: *smiles* I promise.
Little Writer: *smiles back* Alright! So what do you want to do today?
Me: I dunno. How about we write?
Little Writer: Really?!
Me: Really.
Little Writer: *smiles wider and puts on glasses* Now where were we?
Me: *pats Little Writer on the shoulder and puts on glasses* Chapter three…

My point? Don’t push yourself. I think that pushing is what causes writer’s block. And no one likes that kind of pressure…especially from yourself.